Rate my Rain Dance/Baton Pass Team?

This is my first time ever posting an RMT or really anything on this site, so first and foremost, please let me know if I have any formatting issues. Also, if there is anything that I can add to clarify the information, please let me know as well. So with this team, I had originally intended it to be a team for fun, not really competitive at all. After a while it turned into an experiment, and now that I have actually used it, it works really well! Any suggestions you guys have for further improving it would be very helpful!

Smeargle @ Focus Sash
Trait: Own Tempo
Evs: 80 HP/ 96 Def/ 80 SDef/ 252 Spd
Nature: Timid
~Baton Pass
~Shell Smash

This is my typical lead pokemon. The goal is to hopefully pull off a baton pass while the opponent is setting up SR and spikes and whatnot and not get hit by a taunt (I have a backup incase taunt comes my way). Being the lead also helps smeargle not be affected by SR damage and whatnot so that it can actually make use of its focus sash. EVs are pretty self explanatory, try to survive as long as possible and try to outspeed slow opponents while setting up for a baton pass. The focus sash allows me to at least use spore assuming that the opponent doesn't use taunt.

I open up with spore, puts the opponent to sleep with 100% accuracy, no complaints at all. Then I use shell smash to set up the baton pass. The turn after, I may use substitute, depending on how the opponent reacts to the previously mentioned moves. Then I baton pass the shell smash to create a monster of a pokemon. If smeargle is instantly taunted as soon as the match starts, then I would switch to this next pokemon.

Politoad @ Leftovers
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 SDef/ 4 SAtk
Nature: Bold
~Ice Beam
~Focus Blast
~Perish Song

If Smeargle is taunted, I immediately switch to politoad, my rain inducer for the battle. The main goal of Politoad is to SURVIVE, incase other weather inducers such as ninetails, tyranitar, or hippowdon enter the battle to try and ruin the rain. It's EVs are spread as such and it's nature supports that, and it's leftovers are to try and help in that category as well.

Scald is used to obviously try to burn the opponent. It isn't too shabby with STAB as well as rain power, it actually does pretty decent damage. Ice beam just has pretty good coverage overall. Focus blast is specifically used for ferrothorn incase it decides to come in and try to ruin my day. Perish song is to stop sweepers in their tracks as well as, since Politoad is my survivor, kill the last pokemon on the opposing team if I have more than one pokemon left.

Melloetta @ Expert Belt
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 56 Atk/ 252 SAtk/ 200 Spd
Nature: Hasty
~Relic Song
~Close Combat

To be completely honest, I have been eccstatic about using melloetta. It is such an untested pokemon as well as the fact that you could either go completely normal forme, completely piourette forme, or both, so it throws off the opponent. As shown in the set, I decided to use both so that I can be prepared for any situation.

I would not switch to this pokemon until rain is up to help support thunder. Ideally, it would be cool to be able to set up the shell smash pass as well, but I have only been successful at doing that a couple of times, so realistically, it only gets rain support. The EVs and nature are used to power it up and speed it up as much as possible. The extra EVs in SAtk are to make up for the difference between normal forme's SAtk and piroutte forme's Atk, with speed being an obvious EV to raise for an offensive pokemon.

Relic song is a must to switch between formes, not much of a debate there. It even has a 20% chance of putting the opponent to sleep, which is a nice add-on to the move. Close Combat is the main stab move for Piroutte forme, and does a lot of damage, especially because of its massive attack stat. Thunder has 100% accuracy in the rain, and does well with normal forme's special attack. Psychic is a reliable STAB move for normal forme, so that is why that is there.

Lucario @ Life Orb
Trait: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 SAtk/ 4 Spd
Nature: Naughty
~Bone Rush
~Close Combat
~Dark Pulse

Lucario is the monster that I was talking about earlier. This guy is a monster when paired up with a shell smashed pass.

EVs are built to hit hard and fast (let's be honest, it isn't surviving very much). Nature is to further increase attack to help boost the power of bone rush, extremespeed and close combat. Life orb just adds to the monstrosity of a pokemon that Lucario becomes.

So for the moveset, I know this is kind of a weird set for lucario considering the vast array of better sets that it has, but hear me out first. Bone rush is to get rid of any substitutes that may have been made to stop my baton passing in its tracks. This also stops any pokemon with sturdy that serve as a lead (I'm looking at you Donphan!). I will take the risks that come with it (90% accuracy and chance to only hit twice) because I'd be screwed anyways if I don't make it past the substitute or Donphan has a chance to use earthquake. Extremespeed is to get rid of any pokemon who try to take me out with a mach punch, as well as prankster whimsicotts (thank God for the +2 boost that comes with generation V). With the shell smash and life orb, both these moves will hit hard no matter what. The other two moves are pretty self explanatory. Close Combat OHKOs nearly everything with the stat boosts except for ghosts (obviously), which is what dark pulse is for.

Cloyster @ Kings Rock
Trait: Skill Link
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
Nature: Adamant
~Icicle Spear
~Shell Smash
~Ice Shard
~Rock Blast

I have Cloyster incase the whole baton passing to Lucario thing doesn't work out. I don't think I need to go too much into detail about why with the EV's and nature, it's pretty self explanatory. King's rock is used to boost the flinch rate of icicle spear and rock blast to a whopping 47%, I would take that any day. Skill link, I'm not even going to explain, what else would Cloyster be good for?

So once again, I'm not going to go too much into detail since this is the typical Shell Smash Cloyster set. Shell smash first to make it a beast, destroy ALL the things with rock blast and icicle spear. Ice shard is to take out pokemon with priority moves like mach punch. Other than that, I'm not really sure what there is to say about Cloyster other than watch out for this beast.

Rotom W @ Choice Specs
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 Def/252 SAtk/ 252 Spd
Nature: Timid
~Hydro Pump
~Pain Split

Last but not least, and probably my favorite on the team, Rotom W! Its typing is absolutely amazing and it is such a beast under rain. I wouldn't even consider sending it out unless it was raining, but honestly, like, beast mode.

So after my little rant about my crush on it, EVs are set to hit hard and fast (since its speed can be a bit underwhelming), and the nature helps with that. Choice specs can be used to either devastate the enemy or trap them with a move with trick.

Hydro pump + STAB + Rain, need I say more? Thunder + STAB + 100% accuracy in rain, look at my description for Hydro pump incase you need an explanation for that. Pain split is its main recovery move, so that is pretty much a necessity. Trick is what I would usually open with to trap an unaware opponent, but it really depends on the person I'm playing against. If they predict correctly, it could actually turn against me, so I still need to work on my predicting skills.

I purposefully don't have any rapid spinners because for the most part, my team barely takes any damage from SR at all, and I would hope I wouldn't give them enough time to properly set up spikes. Although I wish I could have SR support, I'm not sure where to put it.

I am actually really proud of this team because it pretty much came out of nowhere but has proven to me to be successful. Any comments that you guys have to further improve it would be greatly appreciated. I was also considering putting in a forretress somewhere to add SR damage as well as take hits, but I'm not sure where it would fit. Any suggestions as to what to do with that?
Interesting team. I love that you use Meloetta. I have to say, on Lucario, change Dark Pulse to Crunch, because it hits everything that Dark Pulse hits, and then you can shift all the SpA evs to speed, making him a lot faster.
ur title is somewhat misleading. You aren't using Rain Dance, and is more of a Quick Pass team than a dedicated Baton Pass team. I suggest u rename it to Rain/Quick Pass team.
ur title is somewhat misleading. You aren't using Rain Dance, and is more of a Quick Pass team than a dedicated Baton Pass team. I suggest u rename it to Rain/Quick Pass team.
I'm sorry, I see your point. I tried changing it but I cannot figure out how, I tried editing the post, but I don't know how to edit the title...

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